Randstad and VSO have been partners for 15 years now. Our colleagues work with VSO on various projects, with a focus on employability to support poor and marginalized people, helping them find their way into the labor market. They contribute to the communities through their work but the assignments are also very unique learning experiences. As a general placement of 3-6 months is not suitable for all of our colleagues we now offer special senior leadership placements that can be done in two weeks.  Because even in two weeks you can make a real difference by giving strategic advice to VSO or by creating private sector linkages that can be beneficial for VSO. The program will bring you out of your comfort zone and give you the chance to work in a completely different environment and culture.


Read more about the experience of Ilonka Jankovich (Randstad Innovation Fund) during her two-week placement in Tanzania.


VSOs Senior Leadership Program is intended for director level and above (Hay Grade 21 and up). As the program is in English, a good command of both written and spoken English is required.


  • provide strategic support or leadership coaching to VSO

  • create business linkages in-country (Tanzania, Uganda, or Kenya)

  • develop soft skills (e.g. communication and leadership skills)


  • have increased their leadership and coaching qualities

  • have enhanced personal impact and skills in different environments

  • have made a contribution and impact on the communities in East Africa

practical information


The program is implemented together with our partner VSO who is supporting the preparation (both in terms of content and practical) and the in-country experience.


The program is flexible. Once you signed up we will look for a suitable assignment and will decide on specific dates together with VSO and the candidate.


Program costs: €7,000 (paid by operating company) per participant. This includes accommodation and travel costs.


You can sign up for the program by sending an email to the  VSO partnership manager.