negotiation skills

Develop a skill that immediately and positively impacts your bottom line. 

Participants will learn the practical skills needed to negotiate effectively in high-pressure situations, using video analysis and interactive tools to determine the appropriate negotiating strategies and referencing real-life cases that can be drawn from the business sector. They will discover which negotiation tactics are necessary to maximize opportunities. Designed to help avoid deadlock situations, these tried and tested techniques cover opening positions, the use of time, volume, authority, concessions, and power. To ensure every deal is optimized, critical trading skills are integrated into every workshop.


This program is designed for those at middle management and above of all operating companies; e.g. account managers, purchasing professionals, HR, logistics, finance, legal and marketing professionals, experienced directors, and negotiators. The emphasis on individual coaching limits each workshop to 8 delegates. As the program is in English, a good command of both written and spoken English is required


This learning journey is an intense experiential learning experience, where 76% of your time will be spent "doing"; planning for, negotiating and then reviewing your negotiations alongside your peers. After the virtual learning sessions, there is follow-up with video coaching calls with your tutor to help guide, develop and embed the learning over a subsequent 6 months. 
  • learn practical skills and behavioral techniques needed to negotiate effectively in commercial and life situations
  • learn through "Tell - Show - Do - Reflect" philosophy, practicing appropriate negotiating behaviors to maximize the value of your real-life deals
  • Plan, execute and review high conflict single issue deals and complex multi-issue partnership agreements
  • Practice questioning techniques and develop more effective listening skills to "get into the other party's head"
  • Develop and present creative proposals trading and balance of power, maintaining self-control and managing conflict
  • Receive regular feedback on performance through 1-2-3 coaching with the faculty and your peers including video feedback in the workshop and personal reports for their continued learning after they have completed the workshop


What makes this program unique is the spectrum of approaches to negotiation covered and the advise delivered on how to choose the appropriate approach and strategy for each individual negotiation. 

The methodology for transferring negotiation skills is structured around a series of highly effective learning models and participants will:

  • gain a better understanding of the negotiation process and what their counterparts are trying to achieve and why
  • learn to defend against tough tactics, take control by better planning and through using Kah-Vay tools to negotiate more valuable deals and manage relationships more appropriately
  • become more aware of behaviors - coach others, manage conflict, resolve problems and close deals while maintaining better self control

the program The virtual learning journey is approximately 6 months in duration and will be delivered through a blend of elearning and remote learning activities.

There are 5 levels to the skilled negotiator level and it delivers a journey through the 360 degrees of negotiation situations the participants and their teams will face. It covers the psychological, tactical and strategic skills required to become skilled negotiators.

Learners will:
- journey inside the other party's head and become more comfortable being uncomfortable
- practice, in a safe environment, focusing on behaviors, outcomes and being more commercially tough
- become more competent, more confident and more successful

The 6 month learning journey is a commitment, a full experience, that challenges and changes behaviors to navigate better negotiated outcomes and deliver recognized returns on investment.

Participants will learn by doing and observing how they and their collegaues behave in specific negotiation situations. Delegates start with the foundation principles of negotiation in levels 1, 2 and 3, pogressing through the skilled practices in levels 4 & 5. The learning journey ultizes elearning, homework, live simulation and video playback, 360 peer review, 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching and assessment gates to achieve success.

Level 1: introduces delegates to the basic principles of negotiation and the shared language of negotiators
Level 2: negotiating in high conflict, price focused competitive situations, managing behaviors to mazimize returns
Level 3: negotiating with an adaptive approach depending on changing circumstances
Level 4: negotiate more complex deals requiring trust, using conditional trades to gain more value
Level 5: negotiate high trust, high risk and complex deals where mutual dependency requires cooperation for long term outcomes
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Kah-Vay is a niche consultancy, specializing in Human Capital negotiation training and advisory services. Their consultants are experienced industry practitioners from Human Resources, Procurement, Staffing and Professional Services backgrounds. They are passionate about changing behavior through the art and science of negotiation. They design and delivery negotiation training solutions as well as advise and consult in negotiation planning and execution.

dates for virtual negotiation skills sessions

Currently running

Level 1: 26 November 2020 

Level 2: 1 December - 3 December 2020

Level 3: 8 December - 10 December 2020 

Level 4: 19 January & 26 January 2021

Level 5: 2 February & 9 February 2021 

(morning sessions: 0800hrs - 1200hrs CET)

Level 1: 03 March 2021

Level 2: 09 March - 12 March 2021

Level 3: 22 March - 25 March 2021

Level 4: 03 May, 04 May & 10 May 2021

Level 5: 17 May, 18 May & 25 May 2021

(morning sessions: 0800hrs - 1200hrs CET)

October 2021

Level 1: 26 October 2021

Level 2: 2 November , 4 November, 5 November 2021

Level 3: 9, November, 11 November, 12 November 2021

Level 4: 23 November, 24 November, 30 November 2021

Level 5: 7 December, 9 December, 14 December 2021

(morning sessions: 0800hrs - 1200hrs CET)


Program costs: € 3,400 (50% operating company and 50% Frits Goldschmeding Academy)

Accommodation & meeting costs: € 2,000 (100% operating company)

Travel costs: to be arranged and paid by operating company

Please note that pricing is subject to change. This is an estimated amount, as the fees for accommodation, meals, program fees can vary throughout the year.


Please enroll the participant using the enrollment form link below. Note that the enrollment is not final until this has been confirmed by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy. For additional information, please contact the Frits Goldschmeding Academy ( 

If notice of cancellation is received within two months of the session, tuition will be due in full. Operating companies are entitled to replace candidates taking the enrollment requirements into account and allowing sufficient pre-course preparation time.