the complete skilled negotiator

Participants will learn the practical skills needed to negotiate effectively in high pressure situations, using video analysis and interactive tools to determine the appropriate negotiating strategies and referencing real-life cases which can be drawn from the business sector.

They will discover which negotiation tactics are necessary to maximize opportunities. Designed to help avoid deadlock situations, these tried and tested techniques cover opening positions, the use of time, volume, authority, concessions and power. To ensure every deal is optimized, critical trading skills are integrated into every workshop.


This program is organized for middle management and above of all operating companies; e.g. account managers, purchasing professionals, HR, logistics, finance, legal and marketing professionals, experienced directors and negotiators. The emphasis on individual coaching limits each workshop to 8 delegates. As the program is in English, a good command of both written and spoken English is required


  • Plan and prepare for negotiations, optimizing the available intelligence
  • Develop and control the negotiation agenda
  • Identify and implement the most appropriate strategy
  • Create and maintain the right climate
  • Effectively question the other party
  • Use effective listening skills to “get into the other party’s head”
  • Trade across a range of concessions to achieve maximum benefit
  • Develop creative proposals which influence the shape of the package and the profitability of the deal
  • Employ a range of tools to manage the negotiation
  • Control the other party’s aspirations and the balance of power
  • Maintain self-control and manage perceived conflict
  • Resolve problems and deadlock to close the deal
  • Secure highly profitable deals. 


What makes the program unique is the spectrum of approaches to negotiation covered and the advice delivered on choosing the right approach and strategy for each individual business-to-business negotiation.

The methodology for transferring negotiation skills is structured around a series of highly effective learning models, as exemplified by the Clock face: the Clock face references the relationship between the buyer and seller. Each position on the Clock face denotes a different type of relationship, requiring a different type of negotiation strategy. Is this a one-off transaction in which there is no requirement for a future relationship? Or is this a negotiating with a long term supplier whose continued survival is in the participant’s long-term interests? Once they understand where both parties stand on the Clock face, the dynamics of the negotiation start to fall into place.

the program The in-person session of this learning journey is 3.5 days:

Day 1 (evening) - Introduction to commercial negotiation
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Personal assessment

Day 2 - Competition vs. creativity
  • Analysis of behaviors
  • Bargaining for the best possible deal
  • Planning and preparation

Day 3 - Opportunities for concession trading
  • Team roles
  • The balance of power
  • Working with agendas
  • Trading concessions for mutual gain
  • Managing deadlock
  • ‘Win win’ negotiation

Day 4 - Joint problem solving negotiation
  • Problem solving and relationship building negotiations
  • Feedback on personal performance and forward planning

practical information business school

The Gap Partnership is an expert negotiation company. Specializing in negotiation training, skills workshops, consulting, strategy and planning. After 18 years of providing the most advanced experiential negotiation workshops in the world the GAP Partnership is proud of the relationships they have built with the world’s biggest businesses. They are proud to be creating the world’s best negotiators.


teaching staff

The facilitators/trainers of GAP Partnership are, first and foremost, skilled negotiators in their own right, with a deep understanding of business dynamics. They have extensive practical experience in planning and executing mould-breaking deals, working as part of the client’s negotiating team. It is this real-world experience that is transferred to the operating company during The Complete Skilled Negotiator workshop.


September 2019 - TBD (Amsterdam)


Program costs: € 4,400 (50% operating company and 50% Frits Goldschmeding Academy)

Accommodation & meeting costs: € 1,700 (100% operating company)

Travel costs: to be arranged and paid by operating company

Please note that pricing is subject to change. This is an estimated amount, as the fees for accommodation, meals, program fees can vary throughout the year.


Please enroll the participant via the enrollment form. Note that the enrollment is not final until this has been confirmed by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy. For additional information, please contact the Frits Goldschmeding Academy ( 

If notice of cancellation is received within two months of the session, tuition will be due in full. Operating companies are entitled to replace candidates taking the enrollment requirements into account and allowing sufficient pre-course preparation time.