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As part of our tech & touch strategy, we are supporting the changes needed within the organization in many ways. One of these is through a cross-functional collaboration between BCD, HR, and the Digital Factory to create training on the new “way of working”. The training has been designed with the objective of accelerating the pace to move us forward and smoothing the digital transformation process. To integrate the new way of working across the organization, we need to engage ambassadors from across Randstad to help, therefore we have created this Train-the-Trainer (TTT) learning journey.


"TTT was like a boot-camp and really challenges your current way of thinking and by blending theory with practical breakout session. It allows you to start reflecting on your current initiatives and projects to identify how you can adapt your approach to deliver greater results. It covers so many aspects from building/doing the right thing, identification and validation of assumptions, managing the change, measuring the right metrics and much more. I was amazed at how many assumptions I have built projects around and even more amazed how quickly I could have avoided some of the issues I've faced in the past by validating them early. There are tools you can use for each section and I have taken so many of them and used them within my teams but also shared/coached other teams so they can benefit too. 

To get the most of out this learning journey I would advise a few things:

  • Come with an open mind - be prepared to challenge what you are doing won't be perfect, you have nothing to lose.
  • You learn so much in the in-person session but don't go away and try to implement it all at once. Choose sections where you can practically use the materials. Start small but start!
  • Keep referring back to the materials. You won't automatically remember the new way of working. Habits take time to form. Every time you start a new initiative, or progress it into a new phase, check your materials, check yourself and apply it."
Shona Riley - head of business transformation - Randstad UK


Nominations are considered for professionals with knowledge about their local market and credibility to influence decisions; who are leading or actively participating in rolling out solutions, local or from DF; and are experienced or able to develop training and facilitation skills.


Once you complete the TTT program, you will then be able to apply the methods to your own projects, and train or influence others who will be involved in local projects implementing digital solutions - with the objective of accelerating the pace of operationalization, impact, and results of using new digital solutions.

the program

The complete learning journey is approximately 6 months in duration.
  • Go-to-Market approach – agile mindset, design thinking, lean startup methodology, experiment design, measuring success (making sure we solve actual problems, with solutions that work and add value)
  • Moving forward change approach – leading change and creating momentum (who needs to be involved, how can we accelerate adaptation and adoption)
  • Training Facilitation Skills - what it takes to be a great trainer (knowledge application, practice, feedback)  

practical information

teaching staff

This course is delivered internally through the collaboration of BCD, Digital Factory, and Human Resources.


April/May 2021
Kick-off 1 April 2021 (10 AM to 12)
Module 1 - 7 April 2021 (9AM to 14PM)
Module 2 - 14 April 2021 (9AM to 14PM)
Module 3 - 30 April 2021 (9AM to 14PM)
Module 4 - 12 May 2021 (9AM to 14PM)
Module 5 - 21 May 2021 (9AM to 14PM)

October/November 2021
Kick-off 1 October 2021 
Module 1 - 6 October 2021
Module 2 - 13 October 2021
Module 3 - 29 October 2021
Module 4 - 12 November 2021
Module 5 - 19 November 2021


All costs for the training program are covered by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy.  


Please enroll the participant via the enrollment form. Note that the enrollment is not final until this has been confirmed by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy. For additional information, please contact the Frits Goldschmeding Academy ( 

Space in TTT is limited, Operating companies are entitled to replace candidates if a cancellation is needed, taking the enrollment requirements into account and allowing sufficient pre-course preparation time.