intercultural management 

People working within the Randstad Group often have regular contact with a number of foreign counterparts. Speaking a common language and having common goals, does not automatically guarantee successful communication and collaboration. In order to enhance effectiveness, a mutual understanding of the cultural mindsets, reasoning and motivation is essential for both the internal and external business. All too often business practices, communication styles and approaches that are accepted and effective in one’s ‘home’ culture are received with surprise, irritation or incomprehension by another nationality. By creating recognition of these differences and examining them both rationally and emotionally, Randstad can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its work.


"The Intercultural Management learning journey a really useful program to attend - the experience, as well as the content, was hugely beneficial both personally and professionally. The different ways to engage and understand different cultures is so exciting! I found it an unforgettable experience, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a senior leader within Randstad and works with different markets and cultures."

Flavio Vaz Saldanha - marketing lead - Global Client Solutions

"The Intercultural Management program has given me a lot of directly useful knowledge and skills. The program has mirrored me and showed how I interact with others. It was exciting in a way and very valuable. This is a good variety between content and action, accompanied by highly skilled trainers. This learning journey is a must do for everyone who works in a diverse cultural setting."

Rik Vos - global manager talent and practice lead inclusion & diversity - Randstad Global


This learning journey is intended for middle management in all operating companies; regional director, district manager, commercial managers, equivalents and above, and for the employees of Randstad Global. Participants are focused to increase their effectiveness when they are dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds. As the program is given in English, a good command of both spoken and written English is essential.


    • to identify the different drivers of behavior, assumptions, and expectations in an intercultural setting 

    • to create awareness that “business-rules” can be very different 

    • to broaden the repertoire of communication styles

    • to organize international meetings with greater confidence and impact

    • to get the right information on time in an intercultural setting 

    • to address cultural issues with colleagues objectively, tangibly, and effectively 

    • to provide insight into own strengths and pitfalls when working in a multicultural setting 


After participating in the intercultural management program, participants will gain a better understanding of their own and other cultures. They will be equipped with guidelines on how to increase efficiency in communicating and collaborating with other cultures and will therefore increase their efficiency on a professional and personal level.

the program The complete learning journey is 5-6 months in duration.

The Intercultural Management learning journey is designed to optimize international teamwork and to improve global cooperation. The program aims to facilitate the development of a global employee who is sensitive to other cultures, needs, and perspectives and who understands different management practices and leadership styles. The learning journey equips managers and employees who work in global settings, with the required understanding and tools necessary to successfully navigate and manage global projects, processes, and teams.

This virtual learning journey consists of the following 3 levels:

1. Cross-cultural awareness

2 Practical applications & practices on communication, teamwork, and leadership

3. Group coaching sessions

practical information business school

This learning journey has been developed by Frits Goldschmeding Academy in cooperation with ITIM International. 


teaching staff

The consultant for this program will be Wanne Wiersinga. Her current work for ITIM International focuses on providing coaching and training services for global companies to develop Intercultural Competency in the areas of Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture.


25 March 2021  - 02 September 2021 (virtual) 


Program costs: € 1,000 (50% operating company & 50% Randstad Holding)

Accommodation & meeting costs: approximately € 700 (100% operating company)

Travel costs: to be arranged and paid by operating company

Please note that pricing is subject to change. This is an estimated amount, as the fees for accommodation, meals, program fees can vary throughout the year.


Please enroll the participant via the enrollment form. Note that the enrollment is not final until this has been confirmed by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy. For additional information, please contact the Frits Goldschmeding Academy ( 

If notice of cancellation is received within two months of the session, tuition will be due in full. Operating companies are entitled to replace candidates taking the enrollment requirements into account and allowing sufficient pre-course preparation time.