developing & coaching people

This learning journey is designed to increase each participant’s competence and confidence as a practicing coach in order to drive superior business performance.


Developing & Coaching People is intended for middle management of all operating companies; regional directors, district managers, commercial managers, equivalent and above. The participants need to have at least two direct reports or coachees. Enrollment is subject to approval by the candidate’s manager. As the program is given in English, a good command of both spoken and written English is essential. 


The overall objective of this learning journey is to expand the participant's effectiveness as a coach through the use of great conversations, a coaching toolkit and the provision of practical knowledge and techniques used in effective coaching. The journey provides many opportunities to practice using these tools and receive performance feedback. 


After completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Combine the use of a highly effective coaching process with high-impact coaching behaviors.
  • Clarify specific coaching relationships and goals through contracting.
  • Create their own Coach’s Development Plan, based on the results of a competency-based coaching assessment.
  • Identify aligned ways of providing coaching to individuals who may have performance or behavioral challenges in a way which addresses the causes rather than the symptoms; or individuals who have further potential that needs to be developed.
  • Explore techniques for generating possibilities and gaining commitment to action, identifying the coaching opportunities to accelerate performance and development.

the program The complete learning journey is approximately 7 months in duration.

: a 360-degree feedback process is part of the preparation of this program. This process is aimed at obtaining insight into leadership styles of the participant, the organizational climate that he/she creates, as well as on the Randstad Group competencies. The results of the feedback will be discussed in a personal feedback session with a certified facilitator. A coaching behavior self-assessment sets a baseline for the work to be undertaken in the in-person session.

The developing & coaching people learning journey will be offered as a 7-month experiential learning journey, where a majority of the time will be spent on “doing”. With feedback & coaching being 1 of the key global HR themes, this learning journey is created to teach our colleagues to use tools and techniques to increase their competence and confidence in coaching & giving real-time feedback to create a human forward environment. In order to drive superior performance and accountability, focused on achieving excellent business results.

Ongoing coaching & great conversations will help our employees to stretch, learn, and grow to reach their full potential. With the support of diverse webinars and workshops, the participants will have the opportunity to apply the coaching skills into practice under the guidance of PHI learning, in which the participants will need to take an active role in coaching sessions, coaching calls, and peer group hangouts. Topics include:
  • Setting goals to overcome the challenges of coaching 
  • Establishing the ground rules for the coaching approach – when, where, why, how, what is to be achieved 
  • Assessment of the existing situation to identify what needs to be addressed 
  • Feedback, enhancing learning and encouraging a new understanding of the issue 
  • Exploring techniques for generating options for development and selecting specific goals and objectives 
  • Agreeing on commitment to the objectives 
  • Establish a process to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the coaching

practical information business school

This learning journey has been developed by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy in cooperation with PHI learning. For over 30 years, they have impacted global leaders worldwide with their leadership development insights, education, strategy, and solutions. They partner with organizations looking to accelerate the impact of their leaders, more effectively engage teams, and build inclusive cultures of employee engagement and performance.

teaching staff

The Academic Director and facilitator of this learning journey is Phil Dale. Phil is an experienced executive coach and mentor, working with clients at senior levels with a focus on empowering individuals and their teams to enhance their performance and deliver high-impact, sustainable results. Phil holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Learning, and professional qualifications as a Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, and a Member of the British Institute of Management.


13 April 2021 - 29 November 2021


Program costs: € 2,200 (50% operating company and 50% Frits Goldschmeding Academy)


Please enroll the participant using the enrollment form. Note that the enrollment is not final until this has been confirmed by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy. For additional information, please contact the Frits Goldschmeding Academy ( 

If notice of cancellation is received within two months of the session, tuition will be due in full. Operating companies are entitled to replace candidates taking the enrollment requirements into account and allowing sufficient pre-work preparation time (including the 360-degree feedback process).