CyberTeachers (Previously called WorldSpeaking) 

The interactive online learning platform available around the clock.

CyberTeachers from Berlitz is an online, user-friendly, innovative platform for learning a new language. It offers you round-the-clock access to a training program which is tailored to your specific interests and preferred topics, featuring numerous interactive exercises, a speech trainer, a memorization tool, and much more. Berlitz’s e-learning platform can also be a real help to you on the job. For example, you have access to language assistants to help you with presentations and emails and to provide you with text blocks that you can use to put together documents simply and quickly.

Simply select Classic, Coach, or Live and book your CyberTeachers license for three, six, or twelve months.

Classic – The Berlitz multiple award-winning e-learning platform

Coach – As above, plus access to a live coach and access to community rooms

Live – As above, plus access to instructor-led live discussion classrooms for practice. Discussions are level based and concern business topics and topical events


  • Online language audit (language skills assessment, needs analysis, and selection of professional field) 
  • Interactive 24/7 online learning 
  • Tailored course content available for 218 professions and 20 industries
  • Over 800 training modules help you be able to function quickly in the foreign language 
  •  Motivating exercises for quick success 
  • Important aids for your daily work 
  • Detailed reports documenting your learning progress
  • SOS Teacher function: teachers answer your questions and correct texts 
  • Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch

CyberTeachers – License Only:


3 months

6 months

12 months

Classic (Dutch)

€ 77,00

€ 127,00

€ 182,00

Coach (Spanish, German, French, Italian)

€ 94,00

€ 154,00

€ 222,00

Live (English)

€ 129,00

€ 206,00

€ 309,00

Individual Phone lessons of 30 minutes

€ 18,00



All costs are 100% paid by operation company.

CyberTeachers + Phone lessons – Blended Learning

With the addition of phone lessons, you are easily able to create a blended learning solution. Self-study with CyberTeachers is activated with short, 30 minute phone lessons – each phone lesson will relate directly to what you have been studying in CyberTeachers. Your license is included with the phone lessons.

Individual phone lessons may also be used to provide specific language support. For example; you have an important presentation to give in French – then you may use the resource of the phone instructor to help with correction and practice.


20 Phone Lessons

40 Phone Lessons

60 Phone Lessons

Classic, Coach + Live – 3 months

€ 400,00



Classic, Coach + Live – 6 months


€ 800,00


Classic, Coach + Live – 12 months



€ 1.240,00

Individual Phone lessons of 30 minutes

€ 18,00



All costs are 100% paid by operation company.

CyberTeachers - Mobile App

If the language you are learning is English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish, the CyberTeachers app offers additional grammar, vocabulary, and listening exercises which are available both on- and offline. 

Currently we are in an RFP-process for a (new) language supplier. Therefore you will be able to start with a new language course as of mid November 2020. We will keep you updated on the website and in case you have any questions please contact