Throughout the course of this intensive 13-week program, participants collaborate through webinars, conference calls, and virtual classrooms to master the skills of mentorship, culminating in an intensive exam to become a Randstad Certified Mentor (RCM)

Participants leave the program feeling inspired, motivated, and driven to create a positive impact for Randstad, with the skills to take their mentorship to the next level, and with a new network of Randstad colleagues.


“I am learning a new concept that is delivered in a most inspirational and engaging way.  It is the best mix of practical fun and theoretical based webinars with the added advantage of the most unique way of connecting with like-minded colleagues from around the globe.  This has got to be one of my most memorable forms of training ever!” 

- Catherine Knight (UK)

 “This journey I have embarked on by participating in the Fierce Mentorship Program has truly been inspiring both professionally and personally.” 

- Debbie Wisniewski (USA)


“For me personally, so far, the return on investment is high. I see a difference in myself, my thinking patterns and how I interact with others inside and outside of Randstad.”

- Kiki Avgoustatou (Greece)


In order to qualify participants must:

  • Have 2 or more years of Randstad experience
  • Outstanding performance and/or business results
  • Consistent demonstration of strong work ethic and upholding of Randstad culture and values
  • Interested in mentoring and developing others towards excellence
  • The ability to mentor someone for the duration of the program
  • A kind heart and a genuine desire to support others
  • Strong English language skills are required


  • Tools to become a powerful mentor

  • Ability to help people reach their full potential

  • The difference between coaching and mentoring

  • Coaching tools to develop self-generated insight

  • Ability to provide effective feedback

  • Ability to identify self-limiting beliefs

  • Improved communication skills

  • Ability to create empowered relationships

  • Skills to hold accountability

  • Fierce courage to evoke transformation


Participants will learn:

  • Tools to become a powerful mentor
  • Ability to help people reach their full potential
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Coaching tools to develop, self-generated insight
  • Ability to provide effective feedback
  • Improved communication skills
  • Ability to create empowered relationships
  • Skills to hold the accountability
  • Fierce courage to evoke transformation

the program This is a 13-week program that requires an average of 3 hours per week of dedicated work.

Module #1 "building a strong foundation"

This is an orientation module to the Global Mentorship Certification Program. Participants have an opportunity to connect with their global colleagues and share their passion for mentorship. We enroll the group into the various tools designed to support their transformation throughout the 13-week program. We share best practices on how to get the most out of the program and end with both personal and group commitments. We explore the power of curiosity and the foundational skill of powerful questions. Participants leave with an understanding of what makes a question powerful and an empowered context to support them. 

Module #2 "foundations of being a powerful mentor"

In this module, we explore the context of powerful mentorship and principles of perception. We outline the benefits of mentorship and take a deep dive into each individual's current context around the role of a mentor. Through experiential learning, participants gain a clear understanding of their unique gifts and strengths as a mentor - culminating in best practices on how to bring “your best self” to every mentoring session. Participants have a tangible experience of the 3 different levels of listening and understand the 4 different roles of an effective mentor. The module ends with a values clarification exercise in which participants learn how to identify values and use them to support their mentee in creating meaningful work.

Module #3 ''practices of being an impactful mentor"

This module is focused on the 9 practices of an impactful mentor.

These practices include: 

  1. model emotional intelligence.
  2. explore intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
  3. build rapport through understanding different people styles.
  4. identify and pursue stretch goals.
  5. reinforce the importance of safeguarding credibility.
  6. foster strategic thinking.
  7. ask for feedback.
  8. identify and leverage teachable moments.
  9. reinforce the value of lifelong learning.  

We also explore the skill of self-management and the ability to accurately articulate observations and feedback to your mentee. 

Module 4# "designing powerful relationships"

This module focuses on the structure and cadence of transformational mentorship. Participants learn how to create empowered relationships with their mentees in which there is psychological safety and trust for the real conversation to be had. Participants will learn how to have an amazing first mentorship session and set tangible goals that move the needle on performance. Participants leave this module with a solid session structure and new tools to help hold accountability. 

Module 5# "fierce courage to evoke transformation"

In this module, we explore the context of fearless mentorship. Participants learn the principles of behavioral change and the power of habit. We explore the mentor's role in supporting the 70/20/10 rule of changing behavior and strategies to engage both the head and the heart. Two new transformational tools are introduced to help the mentor deepen the learning for their mentee and forward the action - to get them out of their comfort zone! 

Module 6# "overcoming self-limiting beliefs"

In this advanced practice module, participants learn tools to help shift a mentee out of a dis-empowered perspective. We explore how to instill a growth mindset and overcome self-limiting beliefs. We explore the concept of “saboteurs” and learn tangible tools to help mentees breakthrough performance barriers. The program ends with the tool of championing and strength-based coaching to build resonance. 

practical information


This 13-week intensive program will commence the week of April 19th and run until the week of July 12th.


Program costs: €150,- per participant, recharged to participants Opco. 


The nominations are open and you can nominate any high performing employees by Friday, 2nd of April via this enrollment link.