The 360-degree feedback is a development tool created in cooperation with KornFerry/HayGroup. The process is aimed at obtaining insight into your own leadership/managerial styles, the organizational climate that you create, as well as into your competencies. The results will help you identify potential blind spots and develop leadership styles and competencies in order to create a healthy and productive work environment. The 360-degree feedback process involves collecting perceptions about your behavior and the impact your behavior has on others - for instance from your manager, your direct reports, colleagues, and fellow members of project teams, customers, etc. 

The 360-degree feedback tool can be deployed as an individual development tool but is also part of some programs of the Frits Goldschmeding Academy (Senior Executive Program, Developing & Coaching People, Future Executive Program, Transformational Leadership Program).

The feedback process exists of three questionnaires:

  • inventory of leadership styles
  • organizational climate survey
  • Randstad HFLF competency questionnaire

After the questionnaires are completed by you and your feedback raters, three reports will be developed with your results. These reports will be discussed in a personal feedback session with a certified Randstad colleague.

The costs of the 360-degree process

  • Leadership styles & Climate Survey: €156,- per person
  • HFLF competency questionnaire: €190,- per person
  • Leadership styles, Climate & HFLF competency questionnaire: €326,- per person
The costs of the 360-degree process will be charged 100% to your operating company. For the process overview and more information about the 360-degree feedback tool, please have a look at the attached brochure, 360 degree feedback instructions. 

In case you would like to participate in or have a colleague go through a 360-degree process, please complete the below intake form and send it to the Frits Goldschmeding Academy via the following email address: You can choose between two intake forms, click on the link to go to the file, namely intake form individual 360-degree feedback (one participant) or intake form group 360-degree feedback (multiple participants).


After receiving the intake form the 360 process request will be set up by the Frits Goldschmeding Academy. You will receive from Korn Ferry the invoice for the 360 request and they will ask you to sign the order to complete the recharge towards you. 

In case you have any other questions about the 360-degree feedback process, please contact the Frits Goldschmeding Academy via the following email address:

Sanne van Seters,
Mar 19, 2021, 2:17 AM
Sanne van Seters,
Feb 22, 2021, 5:24 AM
Sanne van Seters,
Feb 22, 2021, 5:24 AM