At Randstad it's all about growth, personal growth and development. The learning journeys we offer you at the Frits Goldschmeding Academy are a crucial support in this. Did you know I participate in some of the learning journeys? For me, it is always a highlight to work with a group of Sales Leadership Program or with the SEP and FEP participants. Because that is so special about training at Randstad. It is about you and your development, supported by Randstad management and worldwide top academia!

Jacques van den Broek, CEO


The Frits Goldschmeding Academy is Randstad’s in-house training facility, which organizes state-of-the-art leadership learning journeys, designed to support our current and future leaders in developing the skills and strategic management capabilities to ensure their success within the global business world.

Our vision is to facilitate excellent leadership development to drive and support continued profitable global business growth.

Our mission is to:
                              • translate & operationalize Randstad strategy
                              • enable high performance & ensure accountability
                              • drive best practice sharing & networking, foster & stimulate global dialogue
                              • foster action-based and experiential learning
                              • strong executive board and managing director involvement, partnering with renowned institutes

what do


Due to COVID19 we have decided to put all FGA programs on-hold till further notice. The current FEP and SEP journeys will be continued with in a virtual set-up. We are working hard to manage this in close collaboration with our partners. The SEP and FEP participants have been informed about this.

The Frits Goldschmeding Academy offers 12 different talent development programs, linked to the Randstad Group's strategic objectives. Our leadership learning journeys offer a unique forum that enables Randstad's senior leaders to exchange know-how and expertise in all business-related disciplines and work efficiently on their personal development as a leader. Topics covered include strategy, leadership, innovation, digitization, finance and business development.

All learning journeys are organized in cooperation with leading international business schools and partners, such as INSEAD, TIAS, London Business School, Vlerick and SMU. Our executive board and senior management are closely involved in the development and delivery of the journeys. An overview of the learning journeys offered can be found here.




The learning journeys are organized for middle and senior management of all operating companies of the Randstad Group (HayGrade 17 and up). As the target group can deviate per journey, please have a look at the program-specific pages for the target group.

in the spotlight: 

      sales leadership program.



If you would like to apply for one of our learning journeys, please contact your HR business partner or your manager to nominate you for the Frits Goldschmeding Academy. For most journeys, your manager can enroll you by completing the enrollment form. For others, such as the Future Executive Program, Senior Executive Program and the High Performing Business Partner program, we have a nomination process in place and the nomination will have to go through HR.
On the page 'learning journeys', you can find more information about the nomination process per learning journey.